Our Mission

All Things New Therapy Services, Inc. is a faith-based practice securely rooted in the whole mind, body, and spirit of our clients.

All practice modalities have at their core research-based and evidenced-based modalities rooted in attachment/interpersonal neurobiological sciences which are in agreement with Scriptural truths.

The primary goal is the return of each individual, child and family to a sense of security and hope.

Our Mission Verse

Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed,
for his compassions never fail.
They are new every morning;
great is your faithfulness.

– Lamentations 3:22-23

Our Statement of Faith

All Things New Therapy Services, Inc. is deeply rooted in faith. Please see our full Statement of Faith for further reading.

Formed in Relationship

We were created by a relational God.  He formed us into being with his very own fingertips.  He breathed his breath into us in order to give us life.  We live better when we are connected to Him and to others around us.  This is Scriptural and scientific fact.   From our earliest days of life, our little brains and bodies wire themselves through the continuous and nurturing contact that we have with others. 

These first days, months, years set the foundation for how we see ourselves, how we connect with others, and how we learn to navigate the ups and downs of our life (our mental health) throughout the entirety of our life.  Relationships are that important.

Two questions arise from this awareness:

How can I best provide this consistent and nurturing contact to my children?

Our trained therapists are excited to provide education, play therapy and coaching in real time sessions involving parents and children to deepen these connections as well as provide support in providing gentle discipline/structure. There is hope for healing within every family.

What am I to do if my earliest relationships were not consistent and nurturing?

Recognize that your story is not complete. Healing work is available that can change the trajectory of the outcome. In working with one of our trained therapists, one can begin to process their own early narrative and come to a place where early life pain loses its sting.

All Things New Therapy Services, Inc. staff see themselves as well as their patients as recipients and reflectors of five core values.  These values are expressed in Zephaniah 3:17:

The Lord your God is with you;
the mighty One will save you.
He will rejoice over you.
You will rest in his love;
he will sing and be joyful about you

5 Core Values


We have a God who is CONNECTED to us.  He is with us and on our side no matter what we have done.  Accepting this and then reflecting this truth to others requires faith and vulnerability.  It requires that we work through early life and current life pain and suffering so that we can be emotionally present with others. 

We have a God who is mighty and is capable of giving SECURITY to us.  He is strong and consistent in His care for us.  Accepting this and then reflecting this truth to others requires that we accept our own areas of weakness and need for Him in our lives.  We reflect this not by trying to be a savior to all but by remaining solid and consistent in the care that we extend to others. 

We have a God who sees our WORTH.  He rejoices over us inherently over who we are.  We are loved and fully loveable.  Not because of what we do or do not do.  Just because of who we are.  Accepting this is counter-cultural and may be counter-generational to years of upbringing.  Accepting this means learning to reject every message inside that says that you are not “good enough.”  Reflecting this to others means that we learn to affirm goodness in others.  We learn to live a life of gratitude and grace in the midst of imperfections.

We have a God of SERENITY who allows us to rest in His love.  He wants to hold our burdens.  He offers His peace to us no matter the circumstance.  He is only as far as a breath away.  Accepting this means that we remember to take that breath.  To look for Him.  To listen for His voice.  To shut out the busy-ness and frantic scramble in our lives.  To reflect this to others requires learning to be present with those in our lives.  To make time to listen, to say “no” to those things that vie for attention, and to physically share time and space with those in our lives. 

We have a God who has JOY in his heart for us.  He has a special song that He sings over each of us…our OWN song.  To know this means that I embrace my preciousness.  That I am special.  That I am unique.  To reflect this means that I look for light-hearted ways to interact with those who are special to me.  I play with them.  I sing with them.  I read to them.  I touch them.  God has a smile in his heart for me.  I learn to actively demonstrate that smile to others.