Our Areas of Expertise

Individual therapy consists of choosing a therapist of your choice, sharing the struggle, then creating a plan to solve or heal that struggle. This is accomplished by meeting at first on a regular basis with that therapist (weekly, every other week, or monthly) who will lead the process of sharing, exploring, and healing. At every point in the treatment you may express a desire to change the goal or treatment. The therapist is present to support you with what you identify is most important. The therapist will collaborate with any other providers you ask them to in order to create the best outcome for you. Please contact us to ask for further description of how individual therapy may help you.
Family therapy can be initiated from the beginning of therapy work or included in the process of individual therapy. Families are part of the core of our identities. Many of the stressors we experience directly impact our families, so including the entire family in a problem solving or healing experience can enrich overall health. It can include as many or as few people as you choose, and work toward a goal you identify. Family therapy creates an environment of healthy communication and effective problem solving. Please contact us to ask for further description of how family therapy may help you.
The therapists at All Things New are experts at working with children through all types of life stressors, from adjustment to difficult life situations to coping with long term trauma. We have received training and certifications in various areas regarding treatment for children and their families.

When we begin work with children, we discuss the concerns with the parents or caregivers and develop a plan together to meet the needs of the child. Some of the therapy work may include one on one sessions with the therapist, and much of the therapy will also include the caregiver. We take into account the child’s whole identity – body, spirit, mind, in the course of treatment.

Adolescents are undergoing a huge number of changes throughout their lives. These changes lead to tension and conflict in priorities within themselves and with those who care for them. When additional life stressors are put on top of these changes, help can be beneficial. We will take care to get to know the adolescents who attend therapy and assist with getting through any difficulty in a responsible and informed way.
We work with married and unmarried couples across a wide spectrum. Whether you need help getting “unstuck” or you are looking for better communication skills, premarital counseling, or have significant disconnection, we’re here to help.
We all need support through our lives. Our most natural support comes from our communities. We desire to strengthen our communities with knowledge and opportunities to support the emotional and developmental needs. The events we will provide may include – parenting classes – group therapy opportunities – church consultations – school consultations – retreats – camps – seminars. Special out-of-pocket arrangements may be made for phone consultations and off-site therapeutic support on an individualized basis.

At All Things New, mental health therapy services are designed to help an individual who is struggling with any number of life stressors including but not limited to the following:

Abuse (verbal, physical, sexual)

Adjustment Issues (overwhelming life changes)



Attachment Related Concerns

Autism/Pervasive Developmental Delays

Cognitive/Learning Disabilities

Custody/Visitation Concerns


Eating/Feeding Concerns



Marital Concerns

Medical Trauma


Mood Disorders


Peer Conflict

Personality Disorders


Sibling Conflict

Sleep Concerns

Sensory Processing Concerns

Trauma Related Concerns